10 Decorations & Accessories for a Baby Boy Baptism Party


The baptism party for your baby boy is one of the most important days in your and your son’s life. You need to make it special and memorable. Party decorations and accessories can really help you organize and hold a great party. There’s lots of stuff to choose from, but we chose the 10 best decorations and accessories for your baby boy’s baptism party:

Pixnor IT IS A BOY Paper Garland

its a boy decoration baptism party

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Share the great news with this beautiful garland. You can hang it anywhere and you can celebrate the new baby boy in your world. With two beautiful, blue hearts, this banner looks great in every setting.


Little Miracle Boy Blue & Gray Cross Cupcake Topper

cupcake topper little miracle boy

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These beautiful cupcake toppers are a great accessory for your cupcakes, or even normal cakes. Everything needs to be special and unique to this day, and you will make it so by adding the appropriate decoration or accessory to every item. Adding toppings to cupcakes is a great way to make them more fun and interesting.


Unique Foil Radiant Cross Baptism Balloon

baptism blue balloon cross

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Every party needs balloons. You can make your baptism party a lot more fun for everyone by adding a few balloons. These blue balloons with a cross on them are a great way emphasis the importance of this baptism party.


PartyExplosion Blue Christening Table Confetti

blue christening table confetti

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What kind of a party doesn’t have confetti? Sure, it makes a bit of a mess but they are extremely fun. This confetti by PartyExplosion has a bunch of “Christening” words flying out of it.


Baptism Party Wrapper Favors

blue wrapping christening

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These blue wrappers with a cross on them are perfect for wrapping napkins, bottles or something similar. Be creative and use them in as much different items as you can. Everything will look better wrapped up in this wrapper.


Baptism Party Straw Decor with Paper Straws

baptism party decor with straws

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Add this straws to every drink to make it more special. It will be a fun way of decorating a drink and it’ll be even more fun to drink it. The straws themselves are decorated with a blue cross and a few squiggly lines.


Blue Christening Cake Decoration Cross Candle

blue christening cross cake candle

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This is a great decoration for your cake. Light a beautiful blue candle and light up the cake with a cross. No christening cake should be left without a candle, especially if you have something this beautiful.


Christening Paper Lanterns Wall Decoration

wall decorations paper lanterns

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A unique way of decorating your wall for a christening is by adding a few paper lanterns. These paper lanterns have symbolic crosses, doves and hearts. These paper lanterns in combination with a few other party decorations and accessories will surely make a memorable party.


Blessed Day Lunch Napkin General

cross lunch napkin

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A special-themed napkin will fit in perfectly with your other decorations and accessories for this party. These lunch napkins with a cross on them are a great addition for your party. You can even use them for different occasions, like a wedding in a church or whatever you choose.


Cross Round Silver Dinner Plates

round cross silver dinner plates

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For your party to be complete, you need some decorative dinner plates too. These dinner plates, along with the other decorations and accessories will make your baptism party truly special and unique.



With these items you are surely going to have a nice and memorable time. Make your party fun for everyone with these simple, but awesome additions.


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