3 Baby Shower Party Favor Boxes for Girls


You’ll leave a great impression if you bring a wonderful gift for a baby shower. There are lots of options of gifts for girls for any kind of a party, but we picked the three best party favor boxes for girl baby showers. The parents, you and the baby will remember and cherish these party boxes.


3 Tier Baby Shower Favor Cake Kit – It’s a Girl!

baby shower favor 3 tier cake

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This wonderful cake is made up of 3 tiers which all have surprises in them. The beautiful pink color will excite both the baby and the visitors – and they will get a wonderful present.


Bouquet of 12 Baby Favor Boxes

favor boxes bouquet

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This is gifts withing a gift. Why get one gift and one surprise when you can have twelve? This bouquet of 12 flavor boxes will get you 12 wonderful and amazing smiles. And a whole lot of gratitude.


Baby Shower Party Favor Boxes

20 baby shower party favor boxes

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If you want to have even more gifts withing a gift – get this cake that has 20 party favor boxes! All of them containing wonderful things and all of them are great for a baby shower.


We recommend getting at least one set of these favor kits as you’ll give wonderful gifts and surprises to everyone. Mothers need positivity in their life – especially when expecting a baby. So give them what they deserve, and a beautiful baby shower party favor kit is the least you can do



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