3 Beautiful Sunflower Wedding Cake Ideas


The wedding cake is always such a tough issue to decide on, because the varieties are so fruitful and there are so many beautiful designs made by bakers all over the world.

However, if you have already decided on the theme of your wedding or only on how your cake should look like approximately and you want it to be related with sunflowers, then we have some ideas for you!

Sunflowers are beautiful and cheerful parts of nature, bringing joy with their bright yellow color and big crown of petals, always reminding us of the importance of the sun and the benefits it brings us.

Whenever we decorate a room with sunflowers, our day becomes brighter and the sun is always on our minds, although it might be a cloudy day.

If you love the appearance of the sunflower, your wedding cake can have this lovely motif all over it! Either as a drawing on each of its levels or as small individual appliances that look exactly like sunflowers, you can have the sunflower wedding cake deco of your dreams!

Take a look at our three suggestions and pick your favourite!


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