4 Funny Bachelorette and Bridal Party Kits with Tiaras, Balloons & More!


It’s your bachelorette party, so it has to be as much fun as you can make it. Other than picking the location and your friends, there’s a few other factors that can make your bridal party even better. You should get the proper equipment and items that

Single Till Sunrise Team Bride Party Kit

single till sunrise bridal kit

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This “single till sunrise” bridal kit includes several items: shot glasses, necklaces, tiaras, pins and more, all of them with a special bridal party theme. You’ll get some essential items with just this kit.

Bachelorette Party Kit with Tiara Sash and Balloons

bachelorette party kit with balloons

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This bachelorette party kit includes balloons, tiaras and a sash. You should get equipped with this kit and get ready for an awesome, unforgettable party.

Another Bachelorette and Bridal Party Kit

bachelorette party kit

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Yet another bachelorette party kit, but this contains a few different items: a “Bride To Be” banner and sash, 10 multi-colored straws, a deck of 24 dare cards, Mr.Peenie shot glass necklace, 20 multi-colored Mr. Weenie Balloons and an oversized inflatable “Wylie Johnson”. When you get this kit, you’ll REALLY by equipped

Wilton 1006-910 Bridal Party Kit

wilton bridal kit

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This kit has a ribbon sash, a bride button and a maid of honor button. It includes a tiara with veil and other fun and stylish accessories for a special bridal party.

It’s not that big of a list, but that it shouldn’t even be, since with these kits you get everything you need. Pick your favorite ones and have fun. You’ll surely have a memorable bridal party!



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  1. What I liked the most about this kit is that one packaged includes many different items and didn’t require to have purchase individually. Save time for sure!

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