6 Creative Decorations for 25th (Silver) Anniversary Party


Your silver anniversary party is a big deal. After all, you’ve been together for 25 (or more) years and you need to make that day as special as you can. Celebrate your anniversary with the attention it deserves. If you want to have a memorable silver anniversary party, than one of the things you can do is add creative decorations. There’s lots of decorations to choose from, and sometimes that can be overwhelming. We picked the best 6 creative decorations for your 25th (silver) anniversary party:

C.R. Gibson Guest Book With Pen

25th silver anniversary guest book

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This guest book will leave a good impression even when your guests come in. The first thing your guests (probably) do is sign the guest book. You have to make your guests feel special if you want your anniversary party to feel special. You can add your own photo to this guest book to make it even more special and personalized

Creative Converting – Silver Anniversary Party Banner

25th anniversary big banner

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This party banner from Creative Converting is a great decoration for your silver anniversary party. It’s quite big – 60×20 inches, so it will definitely get some attention. You can decorate a whole wall with this banner and it will look amazing.

Creative Converting – 36 Count 3 Ply 25th Anniversary Beverage Napkins

silver anniversary napkins

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You get 36 pieces of 3-ply paper beverage napkins that are great looking with an astonishing design. If you start decorating your silver anniversary party, you need to go all the way and include as much different decorations as you can. These napkins are a great addition to any other party decoration and you should use them for a memorable party.

25th Silver Anniversary Party Confetti

silver anniversary confetti

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This confetti is perfect for a fun silver anniversary party. It contains silver dots, white hearts, silver 25s and large, white, round confetti in a silver ornate border with the number 25 in the middle. All the right ingredients for a perfect confetti.

Silver Scroll 25th Anniversary Bouquet Of Balloons

25th silver party balloons

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You can’t have a party without some balloons. These balloons are great for a silver anniversary party. They have the classic “25” decorations and they look great everywhere.

Hortense B. Hewitt – 25th Anniversary Champagne Toasting Glasses

25th anniversary silver champagne toasting glasses

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Every special party needs to have champagne toasting glasses. They make every toast better and even more special. These toasting glasses are from Hortense B.Hewitt, well known for quality products. Toasting flutes are a good addition to your party decorations and it will make your party and toast as unique as it can.


We chose the best of the best, so now you can easily choose the right decorations for a perfect silver anniversary party. You can’t go wrong with any of these decorations and the more good decorations you have, the better the party will be.



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