6 Party Tissue Paper Flowers Decorations for Your Wedding


You need to plan your wedding to every detail, including decorative tissue papers. For a wedding, decorative flower tissue papers are the best way to go. They’re even great for a romantic party. We hand-picked the 6 best tissue paper flower decorations for your wedding.

Kubert Party Tissue Paper Flowers

different coloured tissue papers

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These decorative tissue papers (aka pom poms) are amazing and colorful. If you want to spice up your party with different-colored decorations, then get these ones


Lime Green Tissue Pom Poms

lime green pom poms

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If you have a green-themed party, you have to stick with the style. These lime-green pom poms are great if you are out in nature or in a park, they look great together with green trees and grass.


Orange Pom Poms from LifeGlow Crafts™

orange tissue pom poms

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LifeGlow Crafts are best known for their beautiful and creative decorations. These tissue pom poms have different shades of orange and they work great with other colors too – especially white.


Blue & Light Blue Tissue Pom Poms

blue tissue pom poms

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Blue and light blue colored pom poms are classy and they light up the party. The light blue colored ones go together with light colors very well – which is great for weddings.


Blue Tissue Paper Flower Pom-Poms

navy blue tissue pompoms

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Navy blue pompoms get all the attention in a wedding. They are different from everything else and the navy blue color is one of the strongest ones. So if you want your guests to notice the pompoms these are the ones to go for.


Ivory Peach Mint Tissue Pom Poms

mixed colored tissue papers

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Ivory, peach and mint-colored pom-poms are great for light-weddings that don’t want to be too “out there”, but still want a nice, decorated party. These tissue flowers are mixed with the right colors that go together well – so you can’t go wrong with these pompoms in any setting.



Whatever you choose, you will make the right choice. Pompoms are a great way to decorate a party and if you get the right ones from this post, you’ll surely have a memorable wedding.



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