60th Diamond Wedding Anniversary Cake Decoration Idea


Celebrating a 60th wedding anniversary should be a big deal. In today’s society where the divorce rate has skyrocketed, it is a blessing and honor to appreciate a marriage that spans over six (6) decades!

It is befitting that the diamond is chosen as the official representation for this notable anniversary. Did you know that the word diamond comes from the Greek word adamas, which means unconquerable and enduring? This precious rock is the true representation of the characteristics that embody sixty years of matrimonial union.

The British Monarchy is also a big fan of the importance of celebrating the 60th wedding anniversary. Since 1917, the Sovereign has sent congratulatory messages to couples celebrating this major milestone.

Let us help you make this precious occasion a sparkly celebration with our cake decoration idea. Making the cake the main centerpiece for the occasion with decorations that are a true representation of the iconic diamond will naturally set the mood for an elegant party setting to appreciate sixty years of memorable moments.

We’d love to hear and also tell your friends how our cake decoration idea contributed to your heart felt celebration.

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Elegant Diamond Wedding Anniversary Cake Decoration60th Diamond Wedding Anniversary CakeDiamond Wedding Cake Anniversary Decoration Idea


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