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When a baby is born everybody in the family is celebrating and feeling refreshed, having a new member to welcome and to love inside the family. The Christening of the new born is a very important event for Orthodox and Catholic people and it comes as a natural first stage in the life of the child.

Of course that this even is also a reason for celebration and parties are always organized after the religious ceremony. If you are planning such a party and you want to make it as beautiful as possible, we are here with decorative suggestions for your home and party venue.

Our Christening decorations are split into different categories, depending on your child or children. You have decorations in different colors for boys and girls and also different decorations for twins. We are offering lots of ideas for the cake also, which is an essential part of the event.

If you want to decorate the venue by your own imagination, we have plenty of suggestions for the whole space, for the tables and chairs and other ideas that could be very helpful for your organization.

Your new baby will be welcomed in this world in a happy and pleasant atmosphere, where all the members of the family and friends will be happy and delighted by a lovely atmosphere given by inspired decorations!

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