Stylish Green Decoration Idea for a Beautiful Wedding Party


Everybody must have their dream wedding, a perfect one. Planning a wedding is not an easy job. For most bride and groom to be, the first step when planning a wedding is deciding a theme. There are lots of example of bridal themes such as black and white, colored theme, vintage, princess-like theme, and many more. The most common use theme is the colored theme especially the soft color. One of the most picked colors is green. This color represents the peace feeling; it grows as popular as pastel color.

There are some tips to use green as a wedding theme. When choosing a certain color for a wedding theme, everything related to the celebration must have the touch of the color. To introduce the green theme to the guests, add more green on the invitations such as light green for the cardstock, green envelopes, and dark green seals or linings, and use dark green ink for printing.

The most matter for a wedding is decorations. There are several ideas to add more green touch to the decorations to match up with the theme. The first idea, choose all green for table decorations such as tablecloths, napkins, runners, plate(if possible) and etc. For plants and flowers decorations, add a more green flower or use lucky bamboo plants. Using green ribbons for pews and green isle can be a good choice too.

Open air location is perfect for a green wedding theme such as botanical gardens, city parks or golf courses which have lots of trees or flowers. The wedding cake is the center of attention in every wedding; therefore, matching the cake decorations with the theme is a must such as choosing green icing/frosting and adding more greenery than flowers. Add more green to the bride’s gown and groom’suit such as using green ribbon or tie.

There are lots of ideas when talking about the green wedding theme, but make sure not to go overboard with also adding other colors too.


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